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Michael Jensen


Michael Jensen

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You will find some samples my work, my résumé, and items that either relate to design or that interest me in other ways. Hopefully, you will discover a flexible and experienced individual that is willing to take on anything. It may not be posted in the portfolio, but that doesn’t mean I haven't, wouldn’t, or couldn’t take it on energetically.



I like to do things as efficiently as possible. While I am working on a project, I am thinking about whether there is a better way to do it next time, if I should change how I am working to speed up my productivity, and if any changes would hinder the quality or my design.


Attention to detail is important, and details done right make for efficient work, which is helpful if and when there are changes. 



I like a challenge. When someone says "it can't be done," I am never deterred and I begin looking at the problem from different approaches. A lot of times, I come up with solutions that haven't been conceived of yet. This applies to design, technical hurdles, and more. 

My familiarity with the software I use and desire to put out solid work drives this.


Every day is an opportunity to
create, grow, and improve. 
Stagnation is not an option.


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