Principia College’s rugby club, the Thunder Chickens, has been around for years and has a long heritage.  Their team logo has gone through several iterations and has been too detailed and complex to translate to team uniforms and other team paraphernalia. I was employed to refresh the logo so the team could could have more flexibility in utilizing the asset how the deemed fit.


  • Maintain the heritage of the club while modernizing the logo

  • Translate the logo into a single color variant that would work whether embroidered or screened on different paraphernalia including team uniforms, canvas bags, and umbrellas


  • Defined heritage elements with head coach

  • Determined where and how the logo would be used so I could plan for success from the beginning—the project scope

  • Produced initial logos with client collaboration

  • Adapted other variants for added project scope

  • Produced final asset


Logo Variants

The result is a full color logo, a version for light fields in a single color, and a version for dark fields in a single color. So far, the logo has been embroidered on jerseys and hats; it has been screened onto jackets, umbrellas, and bags; and it has been further adapted and simplified for engraving into pocket knives.


embroidered on jerseys

Simplicity is important when thinking about a use like embroidering on a jersey.


Large locker room display

Designing in vector from the beginning allowed for a large reproduction without having to rework anything.

Screened on an Umbrella

A single color version that carries a lot of the original design forward while saving on production costs.