I really appreciate the new athletic design lines in the '18 XC60. The new design language that Thomas Ingenlath (Senior Vice President, Design) has implemented looks even better on this vehicle, not that the 90 series cars aren't great looking, too. The shoulders are bold and powerful, it's face says "don't mess with me," and it back side catches the eye nicely, and I appreciate the slope of the D pillar for the design element it is rather than the little additional functionality it could have provided. 

I didn't think Volvos were beautiful until the 2011-2013 C30 R-Design, 2014-2017 XC60, 2015-Current XC90. This new XC60 is really working for me. It is definitely a newer state for Volvos to look beautiful.

I liked Saabs when they were around, and owned two myself. My Dad had a 1991 Saab 900 SPG which started our family's love of Saabs. Both of my Saabs ended up in my dad's garage as I moved on to a newer one or moved on from their demise. I like the connection in the placement of the start knob, in this new era of Volvos, to Saab in the placement on the "floor."

It is definitely safe to say I've always liked a car that stood out from the crowd.